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Federated Analysis Resources


Slides – Federated Analysis 101

Federated Analysis Glossary

The Role of Federated Networks in Health Data Analysis

Federated networks for distributed analysis of health data. 

  • Overview of federated networks, their value and the challenges and facilitators of the implementation and operation of federated networks within the health care context.

Federated Learning

The future of digital health with federated learning

  • Description of federated learning and how it can be used in digital health, noting challenges and considerations for implementation.

Federated learning for healthcare informatics

  • Review of federated learning in the biomedical field, discussing its challenges and potentials in healthcare data analysis.

History of Administrative Health Data in Canada

Administrative health data in Canada: lessons from history

  • History of administrative health data in Canada.

Federated Analysis in Canada

CanDIG: Federated network across Canada for multi-omic and health data discovery and analysis

  • Description of the federated Canadian Distributed Infrastructure for Genomics (CanDIG) research data platform, which supports genomics research in Canada.

Blueprint for a Federated System for Public Health Surveillance in Canada: Vision and Action Plan

  • Framework for what infrastructure is needed to establish the Federated System for public health surveillance in Canada.

Federated Analysis & Privacy Policy

Federated Analysis for Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing: A Technical and Legal Primer

  • Legal analyses of federated analysis policies related to privacy.


GEMINI study

  • A study which collects, standardizes, and analyzes clinical data from hospitals in order to improve healthcare delivery.

DNA Stack

  • Product suite for genomics data custodians and researchers.


  • Company that assists data teams with federated learning and analysis.

Towards a Proportionate and Risk-Based Approach to Federated Data Access in Canada

Trusted Research Environments in the UK

Trusted Research Environments 

  • Website explaining different aspects of Trusted Research Environments.

Trusted research environments (TRE) green paper

  • Description of Trusted Research Environments, their requirements, and possible implementation in the UK.

Building Trusted Research Environments-Principles and Best Practices; Towards TRE ecosystems

  • Best practices guide for implementing Trusted Research Environments, in the UK and beyond.

Local Data Spaces: Leveraging trusted research environments for secure location-based policy research in the age of coronavirus disease-2019

  • Description of Trusted Research Environments and how they were used in the Local Data Spaces project in the UK.

Machine learning models, trusted research environments and UK health data: ensuring a safe and beneficial future for AI development in healthcare

  • How Trusted Research Environments work, how they will interact with Artificial Intelligence innovations in health care, and ethical and legal challenges of this interaction.

Trusted Research Environments in Australia

Trusted Research Environments for Health and Medical Research

  • Leadership forum discussing the benefits and challenges of Trusted Research Environments. 

Safety & Limitations of Trusted Research Environments

Next-generation capabilities in trusted research environments: interview study

  • Examination of the safety of TREs and recommendations to overcome safety limitations.