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CIHR Spring Project Grant: Submit your Data Access Support Hub (DASH) intake form by February 17, 2023 *at the latest* to ensure we can provide what you require prior to the grant deadline.

Subvention de projet du printemps des IRCS : Soumettez votre formulaire d'admission au Guichet de soutien à l'accès au données (GSAD) d'ici le 17 février 2023.


2021 Annual CAHSPR Conference

The following sessions led by members of HDRN Canada’s Executive and Leads teams have been accepted for the 2021 Annual CAHSPR Conference, “Hindsight, Insight and Foresight”. [...]

The passing of our Board Chair, Cathy Fooks

We are so very sad to hear about Cathy Fooks’ death. Many of us have known and admired Cathy for years. We were honoured when she agreed to be our inaugural Board Chair, and are so grateful for her generous, wise and insightful guidance. [...]

Call for Applicants: HDRN Canada Board of Directors

Health Data Research Network Canada (HDRN Canada, the “Corporation”) is recruiting for additional directors for the Corporation’s inaugural Board that will play a formative role in shaping how the network grows and evolves over time. This is a volunteer Board and each director shall serve without remuneration, with necessary expenses reimbursed by the Corporation. [...]