COVID-19 Provincial Tracker

Dataset Information
Version 2
Name COVID-19 Provincial Tracker
UUID a9fe5df0-12fa-4e7a-8416-fe3806b0f829
Site Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information
Category HEALTH
Previous Custodian (Data Provider) N/A
Data Controller (Legal Authority) Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information
Description The COVID-19 Provincial Tracker is primarily used as a surveillance tool for individuals testing positive for COVID-19 and their contacts. This data is also available for research. Data contained the the Tracker includes demographics, lab test results, exposure, symptoms, risk factors, and outcomes.
Purpose This system is used for surveillance of COVID-19 cases and contacts.
Scope Provincial
Data Level Individual
Size None
Collection Period 03/2020-02/04/2022
Years Available
Calendar/Fiscal Year
Delivery Schedule Nightly
Cutoff Period N/A
Next Delivery N/A
Covid-19 Data Yes
Previous Versions 3  2  1