COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly Data

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Version 3
Name COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly Data
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Site Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
Category HEALTH
Previous Custodian (Data Provider) Manitoba Health and Seniors Care (MHSC)
Data Controller (Legal Authority) Manitoba Health and Seniors Care (MHSC)
Description This data contains weekly updates on COVID-19 vaccination data in Manitoba from December 1, 2020 to the last update. The data contains individual records for each recipient, including: the recipient's scrambled Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN), birthdate, sex/gender, country, postal code, province, Public Health Unit, and Regional Health Authority (RHA); the vaccine's SNOMED code and description; the vaccination date, lot number, immunization reason and vaccination status; the dosage interval in days and total number of doses given; the delivery location (e.g. RBC Convention Centre) and organization involved (e.g. Winnipeg Health); the provider organization (e.g. Prairie Mountain Health) and provider type (e.g. medical practitioner), and the provider billing number (if applicable). This data also contains information about on-line vaccination appointments and patient screening.
Purpose The purpose of the Vaccinations data is to provide a weekly update on the number and types of COVID-19 vaccinations that are provided in the province of Manitoba. The purpose of the Appointments data is to collect and record the COVID-19 vaccination appointments made in the on-line system, including changes/cancellations to appointments.The purpose of the Screening data is to collect and record screening data on the types of people being vaccinated and specific indicators that are under consideration.
Scope The vaccination data is related to COVID-19 vaccinations received by residents of Manitoba and a small number of out-of-province residents. The Appointments and Screening data are related to residents of Manitoba.
Data Level Individual
Size Vaccinations - 2,652,435 records Appointments - 2,483,725 records Patient Screening - 1,975,179 records
Collection Period Vaccinations - 12/01/2020 - 01/16/2022 Appointments - 12/01/2020 - 01/16/2022 Screening - 12/01/2020 - 01/16/2022
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