Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Data (COVAXON)

Dataset Information
Version 3
Name Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Data (COVAXON)
UUID e7302a9f-1860-45a8-8169-0fcbcb4cbc71
Site Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Category HEALTH
Previous Custodian (Data Provider) Public Health Ontario
Data Controller (Legal Authority) Ontario Ministry of Health
Description Contains information on COVID-19 vaccination events, including: Date(s) of dose administration; Reason for administration (e.g., health care worker, long-term care resident, other priority groups); Vaccine product information (i.e., manufacturer, lot number, diluent); Location and responsible Public Health Unit for vaccination event; Client information (e.g., date of birth, demographics [age, sex], postal code of residence).
Purpose COVAXON is the central provincial database developed as a point-of-care system to support: Scheduling, Client registration, COVID-19 vaccine administration and documentation, COVID-19 vaccine management, Reporting of COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario. The Ministry of Health (MOH) compiles and manages these data and Public Health Ontario (PHO) (as an agent of the MOH) provides ICES with a client-level dataset.
Scope Client-level dataset containing information on COVID-19 vaccination events in Ontario.
Data Level Individual
Size ≈ 12M individuals
Collection Period 01/12/2020-21/01/2022
Years Available
Calendar/Fiscal Year
Delivery Schedule Other
Cutoff Period Days
Next Delivery Every Thursday
Covid-19 Data Yes
Previous Versions 4  3  2  1