COVID19 Integrated Testing Data (C19INTGR)

Dataset Information
Version 3
Name COVID19 Integrated Testing Data (C19INTGR)
UUID 9cb348b7-c75c-4d50-a3aa-594d55bf51c2
Site Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Category HEALTH
Previous Custodian (Data Provider) Ontario Health
Data Controller (Legal Authority) Ontario Ministry of Health
Description The COVID-19 Integrated Testing Dataset is derived from 3 data sources: 1) Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) contains COVID-19 testing episodes using standard PCR tests, from January 2020 to current; 2) Distributed testing data from laboratories (DL) within the COVID-19 Diagnostic Network, with results only up to April 13, 2020 (prior to a requirement to report all test results in OLIS, the results of tests performed by laboratories that were part of this network were compiled by PHO in a separate database); and 3) Public Health Case & Contact Management (CCM) Solution, formerly known as the integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS), a client-level dataset (not testing episodes) for individuals who are confirmed positive for COVID-19 based on the provincial case definition, from January 2020 to current.
Purpose ICES-derived comprehensive dataset of all available COVID-19 diagnostic laboratory results in Ontario.
Scope Provincial COVID-19 testing episode-level data from 3 data sources. Earlier in the pandemic, not all laboratories were contributing their lab results to the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), resulting in under-reporting of COVID-19 tests and positive COVID-19 cases. To our knowledge, all Ontario laboratories are currently reporting COVID-19 test results in OLIS. However, under-reporting persists in instances where a specimen passes through more than one lab and it is unclear which lab has the responsibility of reporting the test information into OLIS.
Data Level Individual
Size ≈ 6.5M individuals; ≈ 18M testing episodes
Collection Period 01/01/2020-21/01/2022
Years Available
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Delivery Schedule Other
Cutoff Period Days
Next Delivery Every Friday
Covid-19 Data Yes
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