COVID-19 Case Data

Dataset Information
Name  COVID-19 Case Data
UUID  0c42cf25-0237-4bfe-90ad-72cfd3ad85d4
Site  New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training
Region  New Brunswick
Description  The COVID-19 Case Data V04 data set contains testing results of individuals tested for COVID-19 in New Brunswick, and it includes results from both Vitalité and Horizon regional health authorities. The data set contains test results from the first reported COVID-19 test in New Brunswick until the latest available data update. The patients’ city, postal code, sex, and birth date are self-reported. The test results can be “Positive,” “Negative,” or an inconclusive result of “Equivocal.”
Scope  Individuals tested for COVID-19 in New Brunswick
Data Level  Individual
Collection Period  2/1/2020-4/29/2021
Last Updated 2023-03-02