CPL - Cadham Provincial Laboratory

Dataset Information
Name  CPL - Cadham Provincial Laboratory
UUID  f69bf5c4-c18a-4d5c-8efd-b98d70aba236
Site  Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
Region  Manitoba
Description  Cadham Provincial laboratory (CPL) provides a range of services, including public health laboratory services and reference services for identification and typing of microorganisms. CPL data contain information regarding various tests and screens in Manitoba in the areas of Microbiology, Serology and Parasitology, and Virology as well as patient and clinical information related to each test.

NOTE: The CPL data provides information from 1992/93 to July 2010. The CPL laboratory data is continued, from August 2009 forward, in the CPL - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) database.
Purpose  Services provided include:
  • Microbiology - programs include enteric program, outbreak and food-borne illness investigation, provincial STI screening, prenatal screening, respiratory program (e.g., Legionella), emerging resistance screening, and molecular diagnostics and epidemiology;
  • Serology and Parasitology - programs include prenatal screening (e.g., rubella, HIV), STI serological screening (e.g. HIV, syphilis, HBV), transplant donors/recipient screening, vector-borne diseases (e.g., WNV, Western Equine Encephalitis) and parasitology. All serology and parasitology is exclusively human in origin;
  • Virology - isolation or detection of human viral pathogens from clinical specimens using procedures such as PCR, cell culture, rapid diagnostics, and viral strain identification.
Scope  Includes:
  • Province-wide requisition and test information for Microbiology, Serology, Parasitology, and Virus Detection public health laboratory services.
  • Other clinical laboratories in the province refer specimens to CPL as a reference lab.
  • Isolates may be forwarded for further characterization, especially if a notifiable disease.
  • All serology for the province, except for CBS/Red Cross products.
  • All Clinical Virology, except for a small volume of rapid testing done outside CPL since approximately 2007. Some testing was also done in other laboratories during the Influenza H1N1 outbreak.
  • All reference enteric bacteriology (except for C difficile toxin typing), all of the chlamydiology from 2000 onwards, a large portion of the enteric parasitology, and a minor portion of the bacteriology and mycology.
May include non-Manitoba residents and non-Manitoba practitioners.
Data Level  Individual
Collection Period  04/01/1992 - 07/31/2010
Last Updated 2023-02-15