COVID-19 Surveillance Data - Cases and Contacts

Dataset Information
Name  COVID-19 Surveillance Data - Cases and Contacts
UUID  854db881-ee66-43bd-be18-89a93af46b4b
Site  Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
Region  Manitoba
Description  Surveillance data includes two separate tables containing Case and Contact Investigation information. This includes infection and acquisition classifications, symptoms, risk factors, exposure, interventions and transmission assessments. The data only relates to lab confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases. The Surveillance data is updated monthly.
Purpose  The purpose of the Surveillance - Cases and Contacts data is to collect information on individual COVID-19 cases and the possible contacts/exposures to COVID-19 that result from these cases.
Scope  This data includes all reported COVID-19 cases and contacts identified for each case.
Data Level  Individual
Collection Period  01/04/2020 - 02/28/2023
Last Updated 2023-04-10