Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS)

Dataset Information
Name  Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS)
UUID  6d0d9547-13cb-4191-8005-2d9ba50d5deb
Site  Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Region  Ontario
Description  OLIS is a province-wide, integrated repository of tests and results that provides access to patients' lab test orders and results to aid clinical decision-making. ICES receives OLIS data from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care.
Purpose  To develop an integrated repository in which patients' laab orders are results are centralized in a single database. This allows to minimize gaps when accessing patients' data, while reducing the dependency on paper-based systems across the network.
Scope  All laboratory claims in participating institutions which are recorded in 3 main tables as follows: Laborders: contains the order-level information, including patient demographics, and provider information. Testrequests: contains the test ID code (called TestRequestCode) and specimen information, in addition to ordering, performing and reporting facilities among other variables. Observations: contains the test result information, including the result ID code (called ObservationCode), values and units.
Data Level  Individual
Collection Period  2007/01 - 2022/09
Last Updated 2023-03-09