Data Assets Inventory:

The Data Assets Inventory (DAI) provides information about the data assets that can be requested for research projects.

If you have questions about the inventory or the available data assets, please contact us at
  • To see additional information for a specific data asset, click on the name (shown in blue) of the data asset in the Name column of the table below. A new tab opens with information about the data asset.
  • Enter keywords in the Search text box to search the descriptions of the data assets. E.g., diabetes
  • To search by data category, select one or more categories from the Data Categories table.
    • Hold the Command/Control key to select multiple items.
  • You can also search by the region covered by the data asset or by the site that holds the data.
  • All these searching filters may be combined. E.g., enter a keyword in the Search text box and select the updated filters in the Region, Data Categories, or Site tables.
Data Category Information Page

ID Name Region Region Data Categories Site Category Description Purpose Data Level