HDRN Canada's Member Organizations are those that were co-applicants to the CIHR application to develop the SPOR Canadian Data Platform (SPOR CDP) and are actively engaged in the governance and operations of HDRN Canada. For clarity, this does not include organizations that provided letters of support or provided funding for the grant unless already included as co-applicants.

HDRN Canada's Member Organizations include:

  • Provincial, territorial and pan-Canadian organizations that hold health and health-related data for the entire population, including all SPOR SUPPORT Unit Data Platforms, and:
  • Other organizations whose representatives were co-applicants to the SPOR CDP application that contribute their expertise (e.g., in public engagement, methodology) to HDRN Canada

Together, these organizations manage the distributed resources that carry out the work of HDRN Canada and enable alignment and effective communications across the network.

SPOR-Funded Entities
and other collaborators

HDRN Canada
Member Organizations

We collaborate domestically and internationally with like-minded organizations that share in our mission to improve health and well-being by making data accessible to researchers, institutions and government agencies across Canada for research that will foster improved health outcomes for all Canadians.

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