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Call for Applicants: Public Advisory Council (PAC)

HDRN Canada is committed to including members of the public in decisions about health data in part through its Public Advisory Council (PAC). Several of the first PAC members have completed their terms, so we are inviting people who are interested in joining the PAC for a 3-year term to apply. Our objective is to maintain a council of members with diverse experiences related to geography, age, gender identity, occupation, language, culture, ethnicity and other characteristics.

HDRN Canada is a network of leading federal, provincial, and territorial organizations that provide researchers with access to health data. HDRN Canada was created to connect individuals and organizations across the country to increase the ways that health data are used for public benefit, while protecting privacy and ensuring research is aligned with societal values and Indigenous data sovereignty.

The PAC meets at least 5 times per year with the opportunity to participate in additional work. Most PAC meetings are conducted virtually, but annual in-person meetings are planned, beginning with one in Toronto on October 17, 2022. 

If selected to be a member of the PAC, your responsibilities would include:  

  • Advising HDRN Canada about how best to communicate with the public and, where appropriate, with particular publics
  • Advising HDRN Canada about its short-term, medium-term, and long-term priorities
  • Providing responses and feedback on materials that HDRN Canada brings to PAC members for discussion and comment and to inform or advise HDRN Canada about issues members identify as important to the public or particular publics
  • Identifying and discussing new kinds of data, especially “patient-generated data”, that some or all data collectors and holders within HDRN Canada might consider collecting and / or prioritizing

PAC members receive an honorarium of $750 per year for participating in and preparing for meetings, for responding to requests between meetings, for reviewing materials intended for the public, and for facilitating two-way communication between HDRN Canada and various communities and organizations. For more information on compensation, membership and other details, the PAC’s Terms of Reference can be found on the HDRN Canada website here.

How to apply

Interested individuals can apply to be members of the PAC by filling out the application form and sending the completed document to Julia Burt at or by creating a video submission that answers all of the questions in the application form. 

The deadline to apply is June 20th, 2022. Pease contact if you have any questions.

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