COVID-19 Data Access

HDRN Canada is well placed to facilitate access to COVID-19 related data through its Data Access Support Hub (DASH)

  • To date, DASH has supported five (5) COVID-19 related projects and research funding proposals by providing researchers with cost estimates and feasibility assessments.
  • DASH has been facilitating multi-jurisdictional COVID-19 related research in a wide range of domains including emergency medicine, surgery, pediatric diabetes, neonatal care and virtual care.

To learn more and to request access to multi-jurisdictional data, please visit HDRN Canada's Data Access Support Hub (DASH).

Data Holdings

Some HDRN Canada organizations have linkable COVID-19 test results data:

  • Five (5) provinces (BC, AB, MB, ON, NL) have COVID-19 test result data integrated into their data platforms.
  • Multiple other HDRN Canada organizations are in discussions about obtaining COVID-19 test result data
  • Information about COVID-19 lab testing data is now available below. 
HDRN Canada has prepared the following two tables to provide information about COVID-19 lab testing data from these provinces to support multi-jurisdictional COVID-19 research.

The information in these tables will continue to be updated as COVID-19 lab testing data becomes available in additional provinces and in the territories.

Table 1:
  • Provides an overview of the data, including frequency of data updates, and the dates of testing currently captured in the data.
  • Clicking the jurisdiction name tab at the top of the table will display the lab testing dataset information for that jurisdiction.
Table 2:
  • Provides the availability of selected variables/fields in the COVID-19 lab testing data in each province.
  • The variables/fields have been categorized as either Demographic, Lab, or Other, which can be viewed separately by clicking on their tab at the top of the table.
  • The HDRN Canada Variable/Field Names within the table are general terms chosen to represent the variables/fields. A definition and example of those variables/fields is provided followed by the availability of those variables/fields in each jurisdiction (Yes or No).
  • The variables/fields were selected because of their value for constructing a minimum dataset consistent with the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC). CDISC standards provide a set of guidelines on how to structure data.
  • Additional variables/fields are available for each province, and will be available to researchers as they consult with data access staff about their projects.
The following table shows the availability of COVID-19 vaccination data available for research in each jurisdiction.
Province Status
British Columbia In progress
Alberta In progress
Saskatchewan Not available
Manitoba COVID-19 Vaccinations data has been added to the Data Repository at MCHP. This information will be updated on a weekly basis. Learn more
Ontario Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Data (COVaxON) is now available for ICES and Third Party Research Projects with approval from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. COVaxON is a provincial platform that supports immunization clinics for COVID-19 vaccines. Data includes vaccine recipient, product and dosage information from December 2020 onward, and will be updated weekly.
New Brunswick In progress
Nova Scotia In progress
Newfoundland & Labrador In progress