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Bringing together provincial, territorial and pan-Canadian health data centres, networks and initiatives.

Canada’s rich provincial, territorial, and pan-Canadian health and social data play an important role, from informing local decision-making to shaping globally-recognized research.


Bringing together health data centres, networks and initiatives to identify opportunities for collaboration and foster innovation.


Data stewards, clinicians, decision-makers, patients, and researchers who are international leaders in data systems, access governance and engagement.


By building on existing capacity through strong governance and effective decision-making processes.


To support knowledge creation and help researchers, policymakers and decision-makers make more effective use of data and expertise.

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COVID-19 Resources

HDRN Canada has launched a new resource page with information and updates on resources and supports for COVID-19-related multi-jurisdictional research.

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Coming together to share expertise identify opportunities for collaboration foster innovation

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HDRN Canada is supported by CIHR’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) and by federal, provincial, and territorial partners.

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