Ontario Marginalization Index (ONMARG)

Dataset Information
Name  Ontario Marginalization Index (ONMARG)
UUID  06d77753-ec6a-42fe-a9d5-00c83dd258fa
Site  Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Region  Ontario
Description  ONMARG is a geographic (census) based index developed to quantify the degree of marginalization occurring across the province of Ontario. It is comprised of four major dimensions thought to underlie the construct of marginalization: residential instability, material deprivation, dependency, and ethnic concentration. Common to each dataset is a familiar geographic identifier (e.g. “PRCDDA” for dissemination area), factor scores and/or quintile scores for each of the 4 dimensions of marginalization, and total population size for each level of the geographic identifier. This dataset was created at ICES using data pulled directly from Toronto Community Health Profiles, applying algorithms detailed in Matheson et al. "Development of the Canadian Marginalization Index: a new tool for the study of inequality." Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2012;103(Suppl. 2):S12-S16.
Purpose  This database was created to quantify the degree of marginalization occurring across the province of Ontario, at various geographic levels.
Scope  For a given year (2001, 2006, 2011, 2016), the ONMARG data are partitioned into smaller geographically-based data sets: Ontario census divisions, census tracts, census subdivisions, public health units, local health integration networks (LHIN), dissemination areas, and others depending on the census year.
Data Level  Aggregate
Collection Period  2001; 2006; 2011; 2016
Last Updated 2022-06-30