Researchers who are interested in using the DASH data access service should follow the following steps:

Phase 1: Intake Form

DASH Resources

Preparation: Researcher reviews DASH resources, such as:

DASH Researcher creates a DASH Portal account.
Complete Form Researcher completes and submits an intake form.
Coordinate consultations DASH coordinates an intake call between the researcher and the data centers to review the project within 5 business days of receiving intake form.
DASH DASH coordinates consultations between researchers and data centres to provide feedback and confirm feasibility of the project.
DASH DASH consolidates data centre feasibility assessment and cost estimate (if applicable) and sends to Researcher within 2-4 weeks.
DASH Researcher confirms they wish to proceed with request.

Phase 2: Data Access Request (DAR)

DASH will communicate next steps to the research team to complete the data access request (DAR), including local DAR instructions and required documentation.

DASH coordinates a project kick-off meeting between the researcher and the data centers to clarify next steps and finalize data requirements.

Researcher completes local data access request activities.

DASH coordinates regular meetings with researchers to ensure project progression.

DASH and Data Centres support the researcher to obtain the following:

  1. Project approval including Original Data Provider/Data Custodian approvals
  2. Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Review
  3. Agreements
  4. Data Access

Phase 3: Data release and invoicing

Researcher will access data as per each data centre's access policies and procedures (e.g. remote access to secure analytic environments).
Researcher will be invoiced for data and access services as per each data centre's cost recovery policies and procedures.

Please click here for more information on local data access processes.