The Data Access Support Hub (DASH) aims to provide a one-stop data access service for researchers requiring multi-jurisdictional data in Canada. Researchers are welcome to browse the DASH website anytime for resources on datasets available across partner data centres, and data access processes across data centres.

If the researcher's multi-jurisdictional data need can be met solely by pan-Canadian data assets held at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) or at Statistics Canada (STATCAN), please proceed directly to CIHI’s Make a Data Request page or STATCAN's Access to Microdata page.

Researchers who are interested in using the DASH data access service can follow these easy steps:

Phase 1: Intake Form

DASH Requestor creates a DASH account.
DASH Resources Requestor reviews DASH Resources.
Complete Form Requestor completes and submits an intake form.
Coordinate consultations DASH coordinates consultations between requestor and data centres as required.
DASH DASH confirms eligibility and feasibility of the request and develops cost estimate.
DASH DASH prepares consolidated DASH eligibility and feasibility confirmation letter and cost estimate and sends to Requestor.
DASH Requestor accepts feasibility letter and cost estimate.

Phase 2: Data Access Request (DAR)

Requestor completes and submits data access request.
DASH forwards data access request to the Data Centres.

DASH and Data Centres coordinate the following steps across data centres:

  1. Ethics, Peer Review and Funding Review
  2. Original Data Provider Approval
  3. Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Review
  4. Contracts and Agreements
  5. Data Preparation
  6. Enable Data Access

Please click here to view the data access request process for each data centre. 

Phase 3: Data release and invoicing

Requestor will access data as per each data centre's access policies and procedures (e.g. remote access to secure analytic environments).
Requestor will be invoiced for data and access services as per each data centre's cost recovery policies and procedures.