COVID-19 Response

The organizations that make up Health Data Research Network Canada (HDRN Canada) hold population-wide health data and have a role to play in accelerating, and increasing the quality of, COVID-19 analytics, predictive models and research studies.

HDRN Canada organizations create and manage population-wide health and health-related data infrastructure that is used by a network of hundreds of expert analysts and researchers across Canada. If/when HDRN Canada organizations are able to link COVID-19 test results with existing data platforms, it will be possible to have more meaningful interpretation of COVID-19 data.  For example, in addition to counting/forecasting the number of COVID-19 cases, we will be able to draw upon decades of experience to add a layer of analyses/understanding related to health conditions, demographic factors and prior health system utilization.

HDRN Canada can also play a role in bringing together collaborators on COVID-19 analytics, predictive models and research studies so that they include multiple provinces and territories.

Status Update on HDRN Canada Organizations with COVID-19 Test Results Data and Analyses/Model/Studies Related to COVID-19

As of May 28, 2020

Some HDRN Canada organizations have linkable COVID-19 test results data

  • Four (4) provinces (NL, AB, MB, ON) have COVID-19 test result data integrated into their data platforms
  • BC and NL are beginning to process COVID-related data access requests, and will be able to provide COVID-19 test results data to researchers
  • Multiple other HDRN Canada organizations are in discussions about obtaining COVID-19 test result data

HDRN Canada organizations are gathering information about COVID-related analytics applications, predictive models and research studies that use jurisdiction-wide or population-wide data.

  • Thus far, 21 different types of COVID-related analytics/research have been identified, comprising more than 47 individual analyses/models/studies

We are also gathering information about COVID-relevant data holdings and resources, including:

  • CIHI’s COVID 19 intervention scan provides comprehensive information for key policies and interventions across federal, provincial and territorial governments. The scan covers case finding and management, physical distancing, health workforce, health services, and travel restrictions as well as contextual information, such as the timing of spring breaks. The scan is in the form of a table that lists the date measures were first announced or implemented in each province, intervention details and a link to an official source. The scan is updated regularly and will be released on CIHI’s website.  An early version can be requested by emailing
  • Through a partnership between the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (NLCHI), the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources and the NL Stats Agency, a COVID-19 Data Hub has launched that provides accurate and timely information and data about the COVID-19 pandemic. This page is updated daily and includes an interactive map of the distribution of COVID-19 cases across the province, graphs displaying the spread of the virus, and information on the number of cases, hospitalization, recoveries, deaths, and tests completed. ESRI named this initiative their app for the month for May.  Available at:

Download the latest HDRN Canada COVID-19 Briefing Note.

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HDRN Canada Organization Resources

CIHI COVID-19 Resources, Canadian Institute for Health Information including the links below.  Please visit the CIHI COVID-19 Resources site for a complete list of resources compiled by CIHI.

Other Resources

WHO Case report form - this indicates what information is being collected and shared, and could inform a baseline of a cross-provincial minimum data set for cases. 

International Roundtable on AI and COVID-19, CIFAR

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