HDRN Canada has established the SPOR CDP Advisory Committee as a formal mechanism to receive strategic advice from SPOR entities on SPOR CDP activities and their alignment with individual and collective needs and priorities.

Committee membership includes representation from 13 different SPOR-funded entities from across Canada.

The SPOR CDP Advisory Committee is just one mechanism through which the SPOR CDP will elicit feedback and input from other SPOR entities.

SPOR CDP Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

SPOR Entity Name
CANHEART SPOR iCT grantholder: Using Big Data to Conduct Innovative Cardiovascular Clinical Trials Jacob Udell
Can-SOLVE Chronic Kidney Disease Network David Collister, Adeera Levin
Chronic Pain Network Norm Buckley
Diabetes Action Canada Cathy Whiteside
iCT Multi-Year grantee: BedMed initiative Scott Garrison
SPOR Primary Care Research Network/Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network Ayat Salman, Andrea Gruneir
SPOR Evidence Alliance Andrea Tricco
SPOR Mentorship Chair in Innovative Clinical Trials Bertrand LeBouche
SPOR National Training Entity Annie LeBlanc
SPOR SUPPORT Unit Council BC SSU: Waqar Mughal
Ontario SSU: Vasanthi Srinivasan
Former SPOR SUPPORT Unit Council member and Nominated Principal Applicant on SPOR SUPPORT Unit Phase 2.0 Tim Murphy