SPOR Canadian Data Platform

Building data access infrastructure to improve the health care system for patients

The SPOR Canadian Data Platform (SPOR CDP) is the first initiative of HDRN Canada. It is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Canada's national health research funder – and contributions from provincial, territorial and pan-Canadian organizations.

SPOR CDP infrastructure supports improved access to data, automation of data analysis, and ongoing engagement with the public, patients, and Indigenous communities. 

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Canadian Data Platform - What It Is
what it is

HDRN Canada's Data Access Support Hub (DASH) is pioneering a single stop for researchers to request access to rich health and social data from various sources across the country.

Currently, the data access process differs across jurisdictions in terms of the forms required, the fees charged, the physical location of the data, and more. By reducing barriers to information access, HDRN Canada will enable investigators to conduct multi-jurisdictional, people and patient-focused research more efficiently.

Project Objectives

  • Create a data access support system that helps navigate requests from two or more jurisdictions.
  • Harmonize and validate definitions for chronic diseases and other key analytic variables
  • Expand the sources and types of data and linkages available, including clinical and social data.
  • Develop the technological infrastructure required to improve the data access request process as well as the documentation, storage, and re-use of algorithms and existing data.
  • Create supports for advanced analytics and infrastructure for data collection and analysis.
  • Establish strong partnerships with patients and the public and with Indigenous communities.
  • Build strong governance and enable national coordination.


Explore the documents below to learn more about the SPOR Canadian Data Platform (SPOR CDP). 

PDF icon Proposal Summary (July 2018)

PDF icon Invitational webinar for SPOR funded entities (April 2019)

PDF icon Webinaire sur invitation à l’intention des entités financées par la SRAP (July 2019)